Rescuers Find Dog Chained and Abandoned for Ten Days. But Then They Learn What Happened to His Legs

Prior to his rescue in 2014, Duke had been chained in the same spot for over ten days. His legs looked terribly deformed and the poor guy was obviously suffering. A woman from a village near Rudozem, Bulgaria, reported the abuse to her local animal shelter, Rudozem Street Dog Rescue. The owner of the dog apparently told the complainant that the dog, later named Duke, had a disease.
Luckily, because the staff from Rudozem got involved, this story has a happy ending. Duke was in fact rescued, there was no way the rescue team was leaving without him, even though their shelter was completely full at the time.
It was a successful rescue and Duke’s transformation is incredible. The love shown to this poor pooch is certainly being returned to all that get to know him.
The folks at Rudozem Street Dog Rescue say they have been asked many times about prosecution for the abusers. Staff members explained that Duke’s abusers were never identified or caught.
The rescue center states it is focused on helping other animals like Duke and moving forward with other rescues. The story of Duke has gone viral and nearly two years later the kind words and support continue to roll in.
Fast forward to 2016, and Duke is in terrific shape, having overcome his abusive situation as well as anyone could. He moved to England with his adoptive family, and is in a stable, loving home.