He Adopted “Aggressive” Dogs Who Were On Death Row, But They Turned Out To Be Much Different…

These two pit bulls were labeled “aggressive” and were scheduled to be euthanized because of it. The shelter said that one of them was also “dog aggressive,” and should be an only dog because he doesn’t get along with others. But one man, named Alex Knappenberger, saw them and decided to give both of them a chance.
The dog who was said to be aggressive wound up being so sweet, and the dog who was said to hate other dogs, fits right in with his pack. Now both of them are adopted and a part of the same family. They love each other and get along so great!
If it weren’t for Knappenberger, these dogs would have been euthanized. The shelter didn’t want to give them a chance, and clearly didn’t get to know them that well since they were very wrong about each of their personalities. Thankfully, this kind-hearted man decided to give them a second chance and show them what life should be like. They now receive all the love and care in the world, and won’t ever have to worry about being lonely ever again! Watch them in the video below:

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